bamboo, water, wordless wednesday

wordless wednesday

photographed february 8, 2020
december, photography, reflection, water


photographed 12/11/19

winter shines watery,
like a looking glass,
but not quite,
like looking outside,
through one of those old,
very old,
glass window panes,
everything looking glazy,
just a bit off,
swirly and wavy.


life, nature, photography, water

the sounds

photographed 11/3/19

I stop and look around,
and think how I can convey the sounds I’m hearing.
Well, I can’t. But I can try telling you.

There are always bird sounds.
Usually, the sweet tweeting bird sounds you’re probably imagining right now.
Sometimes, though, blue jays or crows battle each other, or warn off intruders
with loud kaw-kaw-kawing.

The other sound is running water.
Not rushing water, but a trickle.
The gentle, trickling sound of a barely moving stream.