Italian Class

parola e pensiero

I can’t imagine anyone not liking my Italian teacher.

I see her at the front of our class. A first floor room with opened, screenless windows. Trees outside, and a warm September breeze moving the air in the room.

She was maybe 23, from northern Italy, and she’d only been in the US two days. You wouldn’t say she was beautiful, but she was everything you see when you think sweet and sexy. Her hair was almost blond, she had soft blue eyes, and she wore glasses that weren’t exactly flattering. I think they had fancy light blue frames. She was built cute as a 23 year old can be built, and she wore dresses. All of us were in sloppy jeans, and there she was in a sleeveless dress, a cottony kind of fabric in an A-line shift that came to the top of her knees. And she didn’t shave her armpits or legs. Yes, she was cute and sexy in some kind of 23 year old, stylish, old world, northern Italy, kind of way.

She hardly spoke any English. She could say, hi, and, thank you, and she joked about us teaching her bad words.

Today. Yes, today. Today, it’s an October evening and I’m looking for my old Italian grammar book, and my mind wanders to an image that’s just easy. For life as it is, for the worries and challenges, there’s a picture from the past that’s just easy.

Those classes were wonderful. They weren’t hard for me. After years of Spanish classes, I did some American blend of Italian/Spanish, and she understood. She smiled, behind those glasses, and it was cool. It’s hard to explain how some people are easy. Easy in a wonderful way. There’s not a person reading this who wouldn’t absolutely love my Italian teacher.


19 thoughts on “parola e pensiero”

    1. I hope she would. She was easygoing and charming, and seemed to enjoy the rapport of the classroom. We learned from her, and she learned some from us, and it made the class feel like fun. It was a class I looked forward to.

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  1. Hooray for wonderful Italian teachers! I also had taken Spanish classes before Italian and remember one quiz I hadn’t prepared for (items of clothing, I think) and so wrote answers in Spanish. The teacher appreciated the effort. 🙂

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