It started in December with Secret Santa. Secret Santa gave me a plant stand, and the plant stand made me want an indoor herb garden. Granted, I’d thought about bringing my outside herbs inside in October or November. But the plants were big, too big for inside, and I only wanted the herbs, not any outdoor bugs that might come along for the ride. In any case, the end of December was too late to think about bringing my dried-up outdoor herb plants inside.

I thought you could just go on down to that store that sells lumber and paint and plants, and pick up some herbal plants. Seems like you should be able to do that, don’t you think? Not so. They had ferns and violets and philodendron, but no herbs. Not a single one. What they had was herb seeds. I’ve never done well with seeds. Outdoors, indoors…I haven’t had success with seeds. But I had a plan, and I had that Secret Santa plant stand, and the sense of resolution that comes to us all around January 1.

So now I have these seedlings. I doubt their timing is timely. But I’m still resolute, and the little plants give me hope and inspiration.

I watered them today. They’re struggling to grow green, but they’re alive and trying to reach for the sunlight…just like the rest of us.

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14 thoughts on “timing”

      1. 😌🙏✨

        (BTW, it will depend on what platform you are using, but there will be an emoji panel that you can access while typing – on Windows, for example, press Win key plus . )

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      1. Good skills to have. My grandmother used to buy a rose from the flower shop and root it in water, and she had a fabulous rose garden. I wish she’d showed me how to do that. It’s never worked for me.


    1. Thanks. I planted basil and parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme, with a bit of a nod to S & G. I think sage is a kind of mint, so that’s probably what you see. I grew mint outside a few years ago, and it was wonderful in tea.


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