out and about

Excitement and high pitched voices. Nothing you could recognize as words. It wouldn’t be going too far to call it squealing.

The sound of kids. The sound of kids heading somewhere with the pace they use when it’s just them. Kids with no grown-ups holding them back. Like … FREEDOM!

After a full minute of just sounds moving up the trail, two boys came around the bend on bikes. Maybe eight years old. Helmets. Full speed. Wheels bouncing over bumpy dirt. You know the rhythm of left/right, left/right. That standing-up kind of pedaling kids use when they want to go as fast as they can. All the time, their almost-yelling-we’re-so-excited-voices. Not indoor voices. No, definitely outdoor voices.

They looked and sounded like they’d been in timeout for a week, and were just released. Or they were pals who hadn’t seen each other for a long time. They sounded like it was Halloween night, and they just left home for a couple hours of fun, fun, fun. It sounded like the last day of school, in normal times.

Kids have their own version of YAY.


15 thoughts on “out and about”

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean. I remember when I used to want to run faster than my legs could move, and I’d end up flying head first into the ground. Lots of skinned knees.

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    1. Incidentally, in your last post, I think, you mentioned the non-fiction guides you were reading. Someday, when you’re past everything you have to do now, I think that would be an informative post. I’d be interested anyhow.

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      1. Thanks, etikser! I think it’d be fun to share the books that have resonated with me, as they don’t seem to get the kudos as the other “mainstream” ones. The mainstream ones tend to rehash each other’s content and fail to add anything new.

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