All those delicate flowers we planted in May, or June, they’re strong and showy now. Or they’ve withered and died. The tomatoes are tall, healthy, nearly out of control, ready to pick. And tall blades of grass that used to be bright green are a shamble of bent, disheveled straw.

The last days of summer always feel a bit restless. Maybe bittersweet. Like we’re living in yesterday’s moment, and holding off tomorrow’s worry. We try to relax, but there’s a nagging feeling … it’s almost gone.


17 thoughts on “august”

    1. I’m like that too. May and June are my favorite months because I’m looking forward to four months of summer. Even though, hard to believe, I love winter too. I’m not a fan of Autumn, though. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Here we have above average heat so the garden has been challenged but still flowering well. And yes, there are hints summer is almost over. Some of our trees are turning and that is a sure sign.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I have one or two plants that might not make it. But others should keep going right up until frost and it’s good to have those as we move toward September.


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