out on the edge of darkness

I’ve only seen the milky way once. If I had to guess, I’ll never see it again. I suppose there are people who live in the middle of nowhere and see it often. Sometimes? Often? I don’t know. But. There are stars.

And there’s the milky way.


This is a night sky with clouds. I surely don’t have any photos of the milky way. “Out on the edge of darkness”, those are words from Cat Stevens’ Peace Train (1971).


13 thoughts on “out on the edge of darkness”

  1. This is a stunning photograph. I love sunrises and sunsets – transitions, I guess, is what intrigues me. There’s a dark sky park in the northern part of Michigan. (I live in SE MI.) I’ve never been there but would sure love to go sometime when it’s clear. That would be beautiful. Hope you get to see some stars soon, but it looks like the sky is filled with clouds. They are beautiful, too.

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