faded dreams ….

faded scenes and sinking dreams,
missed connections,

and narrow streets in all directions,
impending structures,
irrational stares,
dizzying stairs in random rooms,
that lead to rooms,
tangled thoughts,
unravel reality,
erase familiarity,
hands sweaty,
legs heavy,
and thready,

ahhh, yes … awake … yes … awake.


Do we all have pieces like this? Words we write, and we re-write, and re-write. It never feels complete or just right. I have at least five versions of this one. I’m not comfortable with this style of writing, but the words don’t fit well in sentences and paragraphs. Just maybe … it’s the sort of thing that should take me out of my comfort zone.

I just completed a small collection of written pieces and photos to give as presents this holiday. I did this last year too, and although the project is always surprisingly time-consuming, the end results are gratifying. This time, I tried to bring in plenty of bold colors and some of the dreamier layers of life. This piece is probably atypical, in terms of style, but it was one of the bits I included.


32 thoughts on “faded dreams ….”

  1. I love this poem, I felt like I was lost and tracing a path that led to nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. I love even more the idea of gifting your writing, though it must take so much time and effort.

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      1. I’ve only used Snapfish. Their regular prices are expensive, but they have good discounts this time of year. And the product is good…nice quality paper, etc. (Just my honest opinion…I don’t advertise for them.)

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  2. I enjoyed the poem. Some writing lends itself to prose, some to poetry. This works quite well in poetic form. I, too, like your idea of gifting words and photos for the holidays. How do you bind the little books?

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