bad dream, coping, coronavirus


It feels like one of those dreams. Where some bad guy is chasing you, and you need to run. Your brain tells your feet to move.

C’mon. Run….



But there’s a disconnect somewhere between your brain and your feet. And your feet, your feet can hardly move.

Maybe you need to get somewhere. To work, to an appointment, something important. And you keep walking, deliberately. But you can’t make it. You just can’t make it to where it is you have to be. The more you focus, intently, on getting where you need to be, the more you feel lost. And there, there in the middle of your dream, you feel the desperation, or is it disappointment, or a concession to the disappointment, no, not disappointment, it’s the disturbing reality / surreality that you’ll never, you’ll never make it to where it is you need to be.

photograph from march 2019


5 thoughts on “coronavirus”

  1. Sounds familiar. I often have dreams where I have to go somewhere but I realize I left something important in a different place, so I have to go there first, and then I get lost, and all that’s left is a feeling of urgency and confusion. The only good thing about these dreams is waking up and realizing I’m not in those situations.

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  2. A vivid presentation of a dream, common to many. But the title of this piece is telling.. Sometimes the nightmare is for real, and when you wake up, it’s still there, waiting … I love this, what would you call it, a piece? a prose poem perhaps. I would love to have this piece, whatever you call it, in the anthology I’m working on at the moment.

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    1. Thank you! I think others must be having dreams like this, and it’s my best recollection of a real dream. I think I would call it a piece. It’s an attempt to describe what I dreamed and how I felt.


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