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january 2020 … #22

a celebration
makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
a january birthday?
a brand new baby?

photographed january 6, 2020
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photographed january 21, 2020

I know some of you don’t like winter. You’re ready for spring.

But me, I’m like a bulb, or a tree, that needs some cold. I need a dormant period. We know who we are. I know other people like me. Yep, some of us…we have to have some winter.

I do a lot of fall photos. Changing leaves, pretty scenes, all the colors. Lovely.

But honestly, I don’t like fall.


Other painful stuff.

Fall leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Like I’m trying my best to hold on to summer, and it’s hopeless. Like I’m not ready, I’m stubborn. Refusing. Refusing to turn my head. To what? To what lies ahead, I guess. Like a little kid who won’t take the medicine. Mouth shut tight. The head jerks left, then right.

That’s fall.

But winter to me is fresh. It’s snowed in and pulling on the heavy blanket. It’s sloppy clothes and old movies. It’s night-time, and it’s dark, and it’s sledding down a hill with nothing but worn-out bell-bottom jeans and a floppy piece of card-board between your butt and that cold frozen ground.

It’s necessary.