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on the go

not far from home
five miles or so

suddenly the car’s hotter
sky’s whiter,
brighter, hazier
like a different kind of summer
a long time ago

like I was ridin’ to work
to my first real job 

like I was in the middle of endin’ somethin’
that ended a long,
long while ago

funny the thoughts that pop in your head
when you’re out there
on the go

on that old familiar 
stretch of road

green, nature, personal writing, photo, poem, summer, writing

All in the Smell of Just Cut Grass

A sensory rush stocked with the stuff of long-forgotten whims.
A second to pause and hold onto the smell of summer and innocence.
Rolling down steep grassy hills,
laying at the bottom in stupid silly giggles.
Dress up play and make believe.
Bicycles, grass stains, and skinned knees.
Hide-n-seek and capture-the-flag.
Long warm days, and staying out til it’s dark. 
All in the smell of just cut grass.