nature, photography, poetry, sky

way up high

way up high
where the north winds blow
there’s a song that calls
and soothes my ragged soul

way up high
where the north winds blow
there’s a tune that winks
a rustle that sighs
there’s a hum that waves and smiles
and calms my ragged soul


life, nature, photography, woods

afternoon walk

photographed 11/18/19

The sky was gray, almost white. Dismal and perfect at the same time.
The air was cool, chilly.
The birds were noisy, busy doing whatever birds do in the afternoon.
Fluttering around in the bushes now, not high in the trees like they are in the summer.
It’s a path I don’t often take.
And every bit of my surroundings shouted (very quietly)
‘late November’.


life, nature, photography, water

the sounds

photographed 11/3/19

I stop and look around,
and think how I can convey the sounds I’m hearing.
Well, I can’t. But I can try telling you.

There are always bird sounds.
Usually, the sweet tweeting bird sounds you’re probably imagining right now.
Sometimes, though, blue jays or crows battle each other, or warn off intruders
with loud kaw-kaw-kawing.

The other sound is running water.
Not rushing water, but a trickle.
The gentle, trickling sound of a barely moving stream.


fall, life, non-fiction, photography, prose, writing

the time of the season

photographed 11/6/19

Last night I looked up in the sky, far up in the trees, and saw a tiny light flicker. Like a firefly, way too late for the party.

I waited….

….for another flicker.


So I moved my head this way and that, and stretched my neck to see more of the sky. Suddenly there were many tiny lights.

Ahh, stars of course, playing hide n’ seek with what’s left on the tall trees outside my window.

In July, August…you wouldn’t see stars in that part of the sky. You’d see the dark shadow of leaves. But we’re moving fast towards winter.

Cold nights. Bare trees.