This afternoon, heading out to the plant nursery, I reached for the dashboard and popped the Sirius button. The radio came on with a voice that was distinctly Dylan. It was The Beatles Channel, but Dylan’s song was a nice change of pace. Sometimes they play recordings by artists who inspired The Beatles. The program was Dark Horse Radio, a show Laura Cantrell hosts, which features George Harrison’s music. As they describe it, all things George. Minutes later, waiting at the light, I realized they were playing Dylan again. Both were songs I didn’t know.

The host spoke after the second song, noting that both recordings featured George in the instrumentation. She continued, as I turned into the parking lot, to say Dark Horse Radio was playing Dylan music in celebration of Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday.  Whoah! Bob Dylan is 80 years old?

His birthday was on the 24th, and maybe I’ll spend the evening playing some Dylan tunes.

Bob Dylan. Surely one of the best songwriting talents of his generation.


18 thoughts on “Dylan”

    1. Thanks. Your comment reminds me of an exchange many years ago between Harrison and Dylan. When George got him to do the Bangladesh Concert, George asked Dylan to sing Blowin’ in the Wind, and Dylan asked George if he would sing I Want to Hold Your Hand. My recollection is Dylan sang Blowin’ in the Wind anyhow.

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  1. 80! It is a great age! I am reading the Obama autobiography and Obama tells of Dylan doing a concert at the White House and the song he performed was “the times they are a changing’. When he finished he went up to the Obamas, smiled and shook Barracks hand and then left without saying a word. The book has a photo of that moment and it looks like Dylan is about to say something and he is certainly smiling and happy but just not speaking I guess.

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      1. Many artistically gifted people are a bit quirky. The photo is interesting because he has Obama’s hand in his and has a big smile on his face. As Obama put it he just “disappeared without saying a word”.

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