humor, sun, winter


There it is … the sun … at eye level. And I know it’s a race. A race I’ll lose.

It sits there aloof. Tenacious. Bigger and wider than ever, I think. Like, in your face, dear. It’s super moon size, bright white explosion size. Spanning the vertical lines of the tallest, strongest, finest, trees size. Bold, teeth clenched strong, you just try, size.

And before I can get out the door. It’s done it’s thing, and it’s saying, bye, bye. Try again next time, my dear. Not even a wink.

humor, life, nature, poem

clicks n’ sticks

photographed yesterday

clicks, sticks, bricks, ticks
rickety ticks on sticks and rocks
fickle ticks from deer stick
tricky ticks stick to socks

two ticks
few ticks
who’s ticks
deer’s ticks

sticks on bricks
rickety ticks
ticks on socks
sticks and rocks

inspiration: Dr. Seuss