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I’m a casual bird watcher. I don’t study the books, their feathers, their habits. I’m just a backyard observer.

But if you have the time right now, if you have a porch, if you have trees outside the window, then this is the time.

Now. Like NOW.

The thing about bird watching is that it takes time and it takes patience. You can sit there, reading your book. You can relax. But you have to get the observational part of your brain ready to notice. Notice the repetitive movements of a bird flying back and forth. Or a song. Oh, those sounds. Those sweet, sweet songs…going on, and on, and on. If you want to embrace the best meaning of passion and purpose. If you always wanted to get in touch with that part of our existence, this is the time. There are robins already with nests, making their ‘time to rest for the night’ songs. There are frantic cardinals making their nests. And if you’ve never seen a female bird hell bent on getting a nest ready by the end of the day, then maybe you don’t know the definition of focused. Or goal-oriented.

I know I’ve spent too much time looking at a computer screen. Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, it’s time to get part of me outside. Safely, appropriately, socially distanced and all that. But the statistics won’t change because I look at the maps or the circles on the maps or the numbers. I’ll have no impact on the way the world spins as long as I keep my distance.

Birds have bird brains. They’re not smarter than humans. But they can show you something about life that you didn’t quite get. About trying with everything you’ve got. About constancy and determination.

Anyhow, just my pitch for bird watching.


But … an important but … don’t interfere. Watch from a distance. Don’t draw attention to a nest.

20 thoughts on “birds”

  1. That’s lovely, I’m fortunate to have a variety of birds near. I don’t know what they all are either. Patience yes much patience and determination. The best photo that I took this Spring was of a male Cardinal. It took two days to capture his image. Finally. And yes a great sense of accomplishment to do so. Cheers

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    1. Yes, I find it really hard to take a bird picture too. I’ve got a bird cam set up outside that sometimes does a good job, but other than that, the birds almost always fly away before I get a picture.


  2. I’ve never seen so many birds out as since the lock down. It’s as though nature is taking a huge breath of relief and the air is clean and safe. Lovely post and photo. I’m enjoying watching the birds, squirrels etc! Lovely post.

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  3. All my mornings begin with me chattering and whistling while tossing wild bird seed and filling a hanging feeder outside my kitchen window. We never tire watching the sparrows and doves and the occasional crow doing their breakfast thing.

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