life, nature, photography, woods

afternoon walk

photographed 11/18/19

The sky was gray, almost white. Dismal and perfect at the same time.
The air was cool, chilly.
The birds were noisy, busy doing whatever birds do in the afternoon.
Fluttering around in the bushes now, not high in the trees like they are in the summer.
It’s a path I don’t often take.
And every bit of my surroundings shouted (very quietly)
‘late November’.


green, life, nature, photo, prose, woods, writing


Random, careless. Trunks scattered helter skelter. You can’t help but wonder how it felt here when these tall trees came down. The ground shook, for sure. But look around. Saplings sprouting from felled logs. Leafy vines winding a tangled trail over it all. A beautiful, wild, living, thriving, Jumanji-style, bright green mess.