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It’s the beginning of May, the perfect time for bird watching, and with so many bloggers writing about the birds in their yards, I couldn’t resist adding something to the conversation. One of the positives about being cooped up at home is there’s more time for sitting still with a cup of coffee, time to listen and watch the birds coming and going, and handling all they need to do over the course of a season.

The cardinals have a nest in the bush right next to the gadget that holds the garden hose. She (the mom) lands at the top of the hose, every single time, before she returns to the nest. She perches there on top of the hose for about ten seconds and makes those cheep cheep noises. Like here I am, I’m gonna go to the nest now. Seems like a rather blatant announcement to the crows, but hey, I’m not a bird, I guess she knows what she’s doing. Based on her back and forth trips, I think there are babies she’s feeding.

The cat birds have a nest in the burning bush, not far from where I sit. They nest there most years. Cat birds sing beautifully at times. They sing like they invented music. Such incredible improvisational melodies. But now I mostly hear that unpleasant call that sounds like an angry cat.

I love the catbirds. [pictured]

The robins are nesting somewhere further back in the yard, on the left. I’ve seen some particularly nasty territorial encounters with an intruder, a male I assume. When I sit outside after dinner, though, the robins sing their settling down songs … it’s evening, this is my territory, I’m happy, we’re almost ready for sleep. Robins are so comforting. If you watch them, you can see that whatever is happening in this artificial existence we currently call life, the robins just do what they’re supposed to do.

The humming bird feeder is ready. No takers yet. I hear the towhees, I see the blue jays.

I have too many bird stories, and my bird stories aren’t ever short. Or sophisticated.

If you never watched birds, isn’t this the time to do it?


Watch from a distance. Never get too close to the nest if you can avoid it. Crows and other predators are smart hunters.

10 thoughts on “the birds”

  1. We have a feeder outside out kitchen window and we watch the Goldfinches, the sparrows, grey juncos and the other day a cardinal! This evening we had a bird we have not identified yet do an amazing mating dance on the bird feeder . We think he was trying to impress a female who was at the feeder. He spread his wings and then did some little hops and then put his wings back in place. He repeated this several times. No hummers at our feeder yet but we have been told they are coming so we put it out on the weekend. Thanks for this bird post it is nice to know that someone else is as fascinated as we are!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments. Birds are just one of the more relaxing parts of life. I put my humming bird feeder out this weekend too. We’ll see. Sometimes they take awhile.


  2. I like your photo of the catbird. It’s good to get to know the local birds. I’m too lazy to be one of those birders with a life list and binoculars, but I know the “regulars” here and enjoy seeing and hearing them going about their business.


    1. That’s funny. Well, yes, ours get quiet about the time it’s almost dark. But I’ll say this, I’ve seen more brutal robin fights this year than ever before. I think they have anger issues. Take care over there.

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