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wordless wednesday

I love Wordless Wednesday!


First of all, it’s a day to discover bloggers. Like a meet n’ greet, the neighborhood block party, or a college mixer, if they still have those.

But also, it’s such a relief to simply post what I hope is a great photo, type out Wordless Wednesday for a title, and voila, I’ve got a post. No other title or explanation required. We’ve reached a point this Fall when I can’t possibly find a pithy or novel combination of descriptives to give my photo gravity, to add to its appeal, or to tell readers there’s more to see than what that long rectangular preview box is showing you. There are but so many ways to say fall colors, autumn gold, bold red, bronze trees, colorful leaves.

Tuesday night gets here, and I’m more than ready for Wordless Wednesday.

Okay, I know. That was a whole lot of words.

photographed November 6, 2019


5 thoughts on “wordless wednesday”

  1. I know what you mean — I have a lot of photos of my garden, so it’s easy to come up with something. And I always want to say something about the plants, so my WW posts aren’t always really wordless. And it is nice to see what other bloggers come up with.

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